Who We Are - Warlick Photography

Our business mentors told us that the good life is living in a place you like, with the people you love, doing the right work on purpose. We were advised that if we would create a business for which we had a passion we would be successful and they were right! The love of photography coupled with the joy we get in capturing those priceless moments for others brings us a great deal of satisfaction.

When we married we discovered we loved to do photography and throughout our years and those of having our son we realized that we were capturing priceless moments forever. We treasure all of these moments that are going by so quickly and are very thankful to be able to capture these priceless moments. While capturing these moments our friends saw our work and asked us to make forever moments for them. We started expanding our interest and even included some artistic work you will see on our site. And Warlick Photography was launched.

We made our company about relationships because we believe that you cannot capture something that is a forever moment unless you truly know your client. We try to spend as much time as we can getting to know our clients. And we stay with them throughout events in their lives. While we are a for profit company it will never be at the expense of our clients. We have built our company based on core values that guide our decisions and our work. We hope you like our work and we are glad to talk with you about any ideas you have that will truly capture your priceless moments forever.

                    Wendy & Chuck

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