Wedding Workshop - Warlick Photography

May 9, 2017

As members of the Professional Photographers of NC, we attend several seminars throughout the year. At each seminar, we have the opportunity to work with other photographers to improve our skills. This past winter seminar a wedding photo session was held.

The session was lead by a seasoned photographer who helped everyone work on different poses and working with the sun. It was a very bright day and get soft light was difficult. We walked throughout the park and had the couple pose in several different locations.

Several park visitors were very curious about what was going on that day. I was asked many times who the bride and groom were since they hired so many photographers. When I looked at the situation, I had to chuckle also. We were a decent size crowd of cameras, roving the park with a bride and groom.

The session was held at Fletcher Park in downtown Raleigh. The city has done a lot of work to this park and it looks great.

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