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February 14, 2017

Given that today is Valentine's Day and love is in the air for many couples, we wanted to share some insight into what really goes into the most important day of a lot of couples' lives: the wedding day. Photographers have an interesting position on the day of the wedding. They aren't just responsible for capturing the sparkler exit or the first look; they are there to capture how the moments feel and visually encompass the love shared on that day. It's a big undertaking, but it's such a remarkable thing to be a part of. We, as photographers, get to share in the wedding day of a couple who has chosen us to do so. And that is really special. So, we are going to share some inside secrets about wedding photography and what a day at a wedding looks like for Warlick Photography.

Wedding days for us are full days on our feet. Typically, we spend about 8-10 hours on our feet at weddings. It's a lot of running around, as you can imagine, to make sure to capture every behind the scenes moment. Chuck hangs with the guys to shoot their "getting ready," and Wendy stays with the girls for the same. Normally, we have another shooter stay with Wendy because there is just so much to capture with the girls (makeup, hair, outfits, etc.). We feel the fact that we are a husband and wife team of photographers benefits us, particularly at weddings. We know how the ceremony works and what it's like to be a bride and a groom and the pictures and moments we wanted to be captured at our wedding. Being able to split us between the girls and guys getting ready puts us in our element of familiarity with the "getting ready" aspects of the wedding, and allows us to capture everything important.

When hiring a photographer for your wedding, we have some tips from the inside based on our experience. Trusting the photographer is crucial. Because they work so closely with the family on the day of the wedding, photographers learn way more about families than you'd ever think they would. It can be uncomfortable if you don't know the photographer well or if you feel you haven't built trust with them. Another tip features a trend in the wedding photographer industry. The exit is a staple photo for every couple. Likely the real exit will take place after hours and hours of dancing. Photographers find there are only so many photos of the electric slide you can take before all of them start looking identical. So, instead of spending the cash to keep the photographers there for hours until the exit, the new trend is to have a fake exit after an hour of dancing. Photographers get the "exit" and some dance photos, and couples save the money!

We've done a few weddings now, and although they are a ton of work, they are such a special event to be able to share with a couple. It is such a big day for couples, and getting to be a part of the love shared that day makes all of the work so worth it!

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