VG Basketball - Warlick Photography

April 25, 2017

"You play like a girl.”

The varsity girls basketball team started the season when only four girls turned out for tryouts. The coaches told the girls to have faith and God would bring out more girls the next day. The next day a new girl came to tryouts, and the team of 5 was formed. After the coaches had talked with some of the senior girls in the school, three more decided to join the team. With the “large” team assembled to play, the team got to work in practice and playing hard in games.

Through the season we were able to attend several games and get lots of in-game action photos. The team enjoyed looking at the gallery and picking on each other for the faces they make during the game.

And how did the team of 8’s season fair? Only 17-8 overall (10-2 in conference) They lost in the conference tourney championship game. And one of the three senior girls was named 2nd team all-conference.

So, if work your tail off, maybe you can “play like a girl” too.

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