Urban Photography: R Girls - Warlick Photography

October 29, 2016

Recently, we’ve been asked on more than one occasion to do an urban photo shoot as a part of a high school or senior photography session. Urban photography isn’t just a different setting; it’s different colors, lights, and structures. We love engaging in challenges, and urban photography seemed like the next one to tackle.

There are obvious benefits to consider in urban photography that simply just don’t exist when we’re shooting at a park or in the studio. Because there are so many buildings, there are different textures and colors around every turn. We found so much variety just in the two blocks we picked for shooting. There are some issues with shooting in an urban setting. Obviously, there are a lot of people walking and cars driving by. Timing is everything in urban photography. We also have to be extra courtesy when we are shooting because it is a very public space.

We went downtown with family friends and tried our hand at an urban shoot. We’ve known The R Family for years. We remember when the girls were born and have watched them grow up. It was a very special moment to take these photos for their family as they are moving up through middle school and high school.

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