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June 6, 2017

Run like you stole something

Our son, D, joined his school’s track team to compete in the team’s 3rd season ever. Each year the team gets faster, stronger and more team members. Our son’s strength is in the sprints and the middle distances. At some point this season he did the shot put, discus, 100m, 200m, and 400m contests. He also was on the 100m, 200m and 400m relay teams. He got a chance to try out a lot of different events.

He is in middle school but competed in both middle school, and varsity meets. At one of the early season varsity meets, he was lining up for the 200m sprint. The racer in the lane beside D asked what grade he was in, D replied “8th”. The other racer’s jaw dropped, and he was shocked, he is a senior. From the reaction, I think the other racer was extra motivated that an 8th grader was not going to beat him, but he was bothered

D finished the season by being selected to be on the 4x200m relay in State Varsity Championship Meet. At the meet, he ran the fastest 200m distance he has run the whole season. The team finished 5th (out of 17) and beat the school 4x200m relay record by 14 seconds. Yes 14 seconds, the team was running like they stole something.

The team had 26 automatic state qualifiers between the boys and girls, 6 more than the year before. Amazing results amplified by the fact the school doesn’t even have a track.

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