N family - Warlick Photography

July 10, 2015

With this family, we did the infant shots and then it was time for the three-month-old photos. It is simply amazing the changes that happen in that short period.

In our family photo sessions, we like to include not only parents but pets as well. In our family, we have adopted a rescue dog. It did not take long for her to become a loving family member.

Including a pet into a photo session can be difficult. Make sure you tell the photographer that you want to include the pet when you schedule your session. If the session is not at your home or a studio, the location may not allow pets (even dogs on a leash). Example, Yates Mill Pond is an animal sanctuary and does not allow pets of any type onto the property. Of course, you do need to consider your pet's personality. Will they be willing to sit for a photo? I am not confident our dog would sit for the picture. The dog in this photo was amazing - he was so gentle and cooperative.

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