Memories - Warlick Photography

March 11, 2017

Our family recently went to Pittsboro to walk around and have lunch. Downtown Pittsboro has a wonderful soda shop that we like to visit when we are over that way. For anyone who enjoys cherry coke - their’s is the best!

The restaurant has a lot of older, nostalgic items in it. One thing we noticed was this beautiful jukebox. Seeing the jukebox brought back so many great memories from when I was younger. My family jokes that I choose restaurants based on whether or not they have Coke - which is true. Well, when I was younger my restaurant choice was based on their jukebox. Did they have one and did it have music that I liked? I loved playing the jukebox and used to save all my quarters so I would be ready when we went out to eat. One pizza place we used to go to in New York even had small jukeboxes at each table - that was the best!

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