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November 19, 2016

Since we started Warlick Photography, we have asked our friends and clients who are expecting a child if they would like to have a Maternity Session. Many of the mothers ask why we feel maternity photographs are important. Expecting mothers tend to think they do not look great and that the pictures will not be flattering. We understand those feelings, in fact, Wendy had those same exact feelings when she was carrying her son D.

We were given a maternity photo shoot as a present from family, but Wendy did not want to do the shoot for the same reasons as other mothers. The photographer did great pictures, but most of their work was totally nude. Wendy was uncomfortable with even exposed belly images. We both started having the thoughts that we could do the maternity session with the next pregnancy. We were planning on having a house full of kids. Wendy will be more comfortable the next time.

But with the expected delivery date about three weeks out (prime maternity session timing), Wendy agreed to a session with her wearing silk pajamas and exposing only her bare belly. She was very nervous about how the images would look. They came out great and are hanging on the wall in our house still today.

So what made these images so special? It turns out that we couldn’t have any more kids. Doctors told us that we shouldn’t have been able to have D. One doctor said “You have a child already? You having a kid is a miracle”. We did not anticipate being dealt this news.

So, in the end, we are so glad we have the photos. Looking from the other side, we can truly see the beauty in maternity photos. It’s one of the most precious times in life, and to be able to capture it is magical. In fact, one of the photos from Wendy’s shoot is a reaction shot. As the photographer snapped a photo of Chuck’s hand on Wendy’s stomach, D kicked, and Chuck’s face is so sweet and engaged in the moment.

The maternity photos are ones we cherish most out of any family photos we have, and we are so thankful we had them done while we could. They capture a precious and life-changing moment for us, one that, for us, only happened once in our lives.

Unfortunately, we do not have permission from the photographer to repost their images on our company website. But when you come in to do your Maternity session, we will proudly show you the images we have.

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