J Senior Photos - Warlick Photography

October 4, 2016

Not only is senior photography a way to capture irreplaceable memories of a senior year, but it’s also a great way to reflect on who seniors have been for 18 years before they endeavor into some transformative times in college. After hearing about a sort of “senior portfolio” idea, we decided to start building collections of photos for seniors that not only showcase who they are as a senior student but also their passions, interests, and devotions over their school years.

When we started working with this senior, we knew he was going to want some photos on the diamond. He was conference Player of the Year last year, and his team won the conference title. After dedicating so much time and energy to the sport he loves, it was only fitting some of his senior photography session featured the sport he loved. In fact, he was really eager to get to the field for pictures!

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