Business Website Headshots - Warlick Photography

June 24, 2015

Recently we have been hired by several local law firms to take photos for their business websites. We did a lot of research on what imagery would be best for the website. In looking at other companies, we noticed that in some head shots and group pictures the employees looked unapproachable. As you can see below, we approached the photo shoot by asking "What would we want to see if we were researching firms." The conclusion we came to was we would be looking for someone that was approachable and would be easy to talk to about our needs. So the "standard" head shots with the dark background or the picture of the lawyer being intimidating were out. So what do we do differently? We take the photo shoot outside and take the pictures in a more casual setting. This allows for more of the lawyer's personality to come out and the images show them for who they are. Nothing is forced, no forced smiles, no forced "intimidation" poses. We had a great afternoon working with the group of people at this office. Photos were taken outside the Chatham County Courthouse, in the courtroom and back at the law firm's office.

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