Baby P - Warlick Photography

July 1, 2015

Wendy and I worked with this incredibly adorable baby, and it was so much fun. Whether we are in our studio or at the client's house, a small heater is used to warm the room to about 80 degrees. Being that warm, the baby won't get cold while taking the pictures. A warm baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby is a poseable baby. Unfortunately, this means the parents, Wendy and I are really hot. When changing scenes, we took turns with one of us leaving the room to cool off. When we get together to take your infants pictures, hydrate and be ready for the heat.

The dad is a HUGE Ohio State fan, so we made sure to incorporate some OSU gear in the photos. The helmet is a scaled version of a real helmet, so we were not able to fit the baby inside the helmet.

Now this picture "Baby with Stuff Animal" is one of my all time Warlick Photography pictures. She is just sleeping away, and we were able to capture her angelic face. Love, Love, Love!

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