Baby H - Warlick Photography

June 21, 2015

Newborn photography is simply awesome. We simply love working with these tiny humans, that sleep like angels. During sessions with a newborn, I can't help but remember when our child was that little. Chubby cheeks, fat stubby fingers and the innocence in their eyes are things that need to be captured. Your baby is rapidly changing, so Warlick Photography likes to take pictures in the first two weeks. The baby will change so much over the next few months, and we want to catch those moments with the baby in their first couple weeks. There is also a better chance of getting some sleepy baby pictures those first couple weeks. Newborn photo sessions also require the utmost attention to detail to capture the moment and to make sure that the baby is safe. In addition to the parents, we shoot in tandem. One of us is always within arms reach of the baby. If we are not actively shooting photos, that non-photographer has a hand on the child. We don't want the baby to suddenly wake up and start moving. This is not as much an issue when shooting with the model on the floor, but we still use that rule. Safety first. Look at this angel we recently had a session with. So stinking cute.

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