B with Santa - Warlick Photography

December 3, 2016

Let the Santa photo blog posts commence!! Warlick Photography had the special honor of having Santa visit our studio for the day so our friends, family, and clients could make some Christmas memories (and we could capture those memories!). Brace yourselves, our blogs this month are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. We are thrilled the holidays have arrived, and B’s Santa photos are here to kick off the month!

We’ve known this sweet visitor all her life. Her dad and Chuck grew up together, and their parents went to college together at App State. On the day of the shoot, she came bouncing in with her Santa dress on. She was so polite and soo excited to see Santa! She hopped right onto Santa’s lap and began chatting with him, asking for a unicorn for Christmas. B talked about her favorite books and book characters. When it was time to leave she hugged Santa goodbye and was on her way. It was such a delight to work with B and her family and a special moment for us to be able to capture the joy Santa spreads in someone so close to our family!

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