B Senior Session - Warlick Photography

November 1, 2016

We’ve been busy lately with senior photography sessions. It’s super exciting for the seniors and us. The sessions are fun, and B’s senior session was no different.

B’s younger sister has been in our son D’s class since first grade, and she and D have been friends for years. So, we knew B through a school connection, which always makes for a great time. We headed out to JC Raulston Arboretum (a favorite location for us) to take the photos. This shoot took place during the NC State Fair. Anyone from our neck of the woods will know the difficulty in getting to Arboretum during the fair, which makes the success of this shoot even more rewarding!

Like we said, this shoot was awesome: good friends and good laughs. We always tell our seniors to bring a few things to the shoot that represent their hobbies so that we can incorporate them into the photos. B went above and beyond. He plays guitar for fun and also as the lead for chapel at school. A while ago, he was given a block of wood and decided to make a guitar out of it. So, the guitar pictured is hand-carved, hand-made by B. Very innovative and very inspiring!

B also LOVES Batman, so we got a few shots of him dressed and posed similarly to his favorite character. He got into character and had fun with it!

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