S Wedding Details - Warlick Photography

November 8, 2016

We’ve been working relentlessly for the past two weeks trying to edit the 3,500 photos we took at the beautiful S Wedding. We can finally look up from our edits and blog about the wedding that has been on our minds for over a year.

We know the couple personally – the MOB has done Wendy’s hair for years. When we were asked to shoot the S Wedding, we were elated! As for the bride and groom, they have known each other for almost two years – they met January of 2015 – but they’ve been engaged, and we’ve had this wedding on the books for over a year like we said. We did the couple’s engagement photo session and were thrilled to get to work with them again.

As we normally do with weddings, we will be blogging this wedding in parts, and today we are starting with the details. So much of the wedding was DIY or done by friends and family, so it was easy to tell the love that went into every aspect of planning for this wedding. It was very sweet.

Just one of the many heartwarming details is the heart attached to the bride’s bouquet. The bride’s grandmother had recently passed away. In acknowledgment of this and to honor and have her grandmother closer to her on her wedding day, the bride had a charm with “I Love You” stamped in her grandmother’s handwriting attached to her bouquet. Also, the bride’s short, exit dress was created with lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress. There were endless heartfelt details at the S Wedding that brought love ones who couldn’t physically be there to the wedding in spirit.

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